Why are there two different 2-step verification options, and can I choose which one I use?

The type of 2-step verification you have depends on whether you use the Scotia mobile app or Scotia online banking. It’s not currently possible to choose the type of 2SV you're using.

If you bank through the Scotia mobile app or use both the app and online banking, then 2-step verification will be push notifications through the Scotia app on your mobile phone. If you bank online, you'll get unique verification codes sent by text message to your Canadian mobile phone when you sign in from a new device.

Beginning in January 2024, select mobile banking clients may also take advantage of text messages as an easier way to reset push notifications. This option will be made available to everyone by the end of 2024.

2-step verification is required for both mobile and online banking. It’s one of the best tools we’ve got to guard against fraud.

Learn more about 2SV here.

Last updated January 19, 2024