What passwords should I avoid using?

Here are a few things to avoid when creating passwords:

  • Do not include your birth date, phone number, names of family members, or information identified online
  • Go beyond the minimum 6-8 character limit; longer passwords make it harder for others to guess
  • Do not reuse old passwords on different accounts and logins; using a different password for each of your accounts ensures that if one of your online accounts is compromised, the rest of your accounts remain safe
  • Do not incorporate adjacent keyboard combinations (for example, qWerty, asdzxc, qeadzc)
  • Avoid simple sequences of numbers or letters (for example, 123456, 111111, AABBCC) and common words (for example, password or login)

Although it’s not always easy to create or remember passwords, selecting a strong, unique password is a vital part of protecting your information from unauthorized access.

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Last updated February 6, 2023