Can I activate 2-step text message verification if I don’t live in Canada or do not have a Canadian mobile phone number?

If you don’t live in Canada or have a Canadian mobile number, you can opt out of 2-step text message verification for now and continue signing in with the strong password you only use for Scotiabank and security questions when prompted.

We’re working to make 2SV available to international and landline numbers. If you live outside of Canada and have a smartphone, you might want to consider downloading the Scotia mobile app to enrol in 2SV push notifications. 2SV push notifications only require WiFi.

To temporarily opt out of 2-step text message verification:

  1. Sign in to Scotia online banking
  2. Select the opt out link
  3. Select a reason and then select Continue
  4. Select Continue on the opt out confirmation page
Last updated November 23, 2022