Why is my cheque image rejected when I try to make a deposit through the mobile app?

There are a few reasons a mobile cheque deposit might not work. Please use this list of best practices to help with a successful deposit:

  • Please ensure the cheque is flat and as wrinkle-free as possible
  • Take the photo from about 6 inches (15 centimetres) above the cheque
  • Place the cheque on a black or dark surface, with no pattern
  • Take the photo in a bright room, but try to avoid shadows and reflections (changing positions may help)
  • Clear away nearby papers and cover surface designs
  • If an error message pops up, exit the Deposit a cheque feature, and then re-enter and retry
  • If still experiencing issues, please shut off autocapture, then hold the camera above the cheque, be as still as possible, and try again

Contact-free deposits can also be made using our ABMs.

Last updated July 10, 2023