What can I see in my Account Activity?

You can find the following info in your Account Activity Overview:

  • Available credit is the amount you have available to use on your account before going over your credit limit (overlimit). It’s the difference between your credit limit minus your current balance and pending transactions not yet posted to your account. It doesn’t include applicable fees or interest not yet posted to your account. If you have an installment plan on your Account, it includes the total Outstanding Instalment Balance and future instalment payments.

  • Current balance is the total amount of your credit limit used as of today’s date. It includes posted transactions including, fees, interest or other transactions that have posted to your account. It doesn’t include your pending transactions, such as pending fees, interest, or other transactions that haven’t posted to your account. If you have an installment plan on your account, it also includes the total Outstanding Installment Balance, and future installment payments not yet due. If applicable, your current installment payment due and the outstanding installment balance of your installment plan not yet due are both shown on your statement.

  • Pending transactions are purchases, payments, pre-authorizations (also called holds), and other transactions that haven’t yet been posted to your account. The amount is deducted from your available credit but not yet from your balance owing.

  • Posted transactions are purchases, payments, cash advances (including balance transfers), interest, fees, and other transactions that are posted to your account. Transactions can take up to 5 days to be posted.

Your actual balance owing may be different from the amount displayed on your paper or eStatement.

Last updated May 26, 2021