What can I see in my Account Activity?

You can find the following info in your Account Activity Overview:

  • Available credit is the amount you have left to use on your account. It’s the difference between your credit limit minus balance owing, fees, interest, or pending transactions.

  • Balance owing is the amount you’ve already used on your account. This doesn’t include pending transactions, fees, interest, or other transactions not yet posted to your account.

  • Pending transactions are purchases, payments, pre-authorizations (also called holds), and other transactions that haven’t yet been posted to your account. The amount is deducted from your available credit but not yet from your balance owing.

  • Posted transactions are purchases, payments, cash advances (including balance transfers), interest, fees, and other transactions that are posted to your account. Transactions can take up to 5 days to be posted.

Your actual balance owing may be different from the amount displayed on your paper or eStatement.

Last updated July 5, 2020