How do pending transactions work?

Pending transactions are purchases, payments, pre-authorizations (also called holds), and other transactions that haven't yet been posted to your account. The amount will be deducted from your available credit but not from your balance owing. Pending transactions are the difference between debits minus credits.

Pending transactions can stay on your account for up to 7 days. You may see the same transaction showing up as pending and posted for a while, but you won't be charged twice.

Pre-authorized transactions occur when some businesses apply an amount (a hold amount) for the upcoming transaction or other charges. The amount is not posted but is deducted from your available credit until cancelled by the merchant. For some pre-authorized charges (like at gas stations), you may see a higher pending transaction amount than what you spent. Once it's posted, it will reflect the actual amount you spent.

Your available credit will reflect all pending transactions you've made on your account. If you have more than 90 pending transactions, you'll only see the 90 most recent ones listed at a time.

Last updated July 5, 2020