What should I do if I’m no longer receiving push notifications on my device?

Please try these troubleshooting tips if you're no longer receiving push notifications:

  • Make sure push notifications are enabled for the Scotia app in your device’s settings
  • Check that your device is connected to WiFi or mobile data
  • Check if your device is set to Do Not Disturb or Focus mode, and if it is, turn it off or add the Scotia app to the list of apps allowed to send notifications

You can also check your device’s notification centre where you'll see a list of recent notifications. Please check your device settings for how to access your notification centre.

If you’ve recently removed and reinstalled the Scotia app on your primary device, you'll also need to remove 2SV.

To remove 2SV:

  1. Go to scotiabank.com and select Sign in

  2. Select Need help signing in?

  3. Select I lost my 2-step verification (2SV) device

  4. Enter your username or card number and password

    If you're prompted to answer security questions:

  5. Correctly answer the security questions

  6. Confirm the device you’d like to remove 2SV from

    If you're prompted to enter a text message verification code:

  7. Get the verification code from the text message we sent to your mobile device

  8. Enter the verification code

  9. Confirm the device you’d like to remove 2SV from

To continue, download the latest version of the Scotia app again and set up 2SV to sign in from an untrusted device. You should then be able to sign in to online banking.

For demos on how you can activate, deactivate, and sign in with 2SV, visit our Digital Banking Guides.

Last updated July 4, 2024