What does it mean to lock a card?

If you’ve misplaced your personal Scotiabank Visa or American Express card, the Scotiabank card lock service gives you the ability to temporarily lock your card using the mobile banking app.

Locking your card with this service means that all new purchases, cash advances, or other transactions, either online or in person, will be declined. Please note that any annual fees or interest that applies to your account will still be processed even while your card is locked.

Recurring bill payments, such as for utilities, gym memberships, or subscriptions, set up on your card will not be processed. However, payments to the account will be processed as usual.

Once you find your card, you can unlock it in the mobile banking app or use your card with the correct PIN in person at an ABM or merchant.

If you think your card is permanently lost or stolen, you can lock your card and call us to cancel it and get a new one.

Last updated April 19, 2021