What do the transaction details for my credit card mean?

When you tap on a posted transaction for your Scotiabank Visa or American Express credit card, you’ll see details for that transaction that may include the following:

  • Transaction date: the date the transaction occurred
  • Posted date: the date the transaction was posted to your account
  • Original amount: the amount of a transaction made in the original currency of your card
  • Transaction type: the type of transaction, such as a purchase, cash advance (including balance transfer or cash-like transaction), payment, refund.
  • Recurring: payment scheduled to happen on a recurring or periodic basis (membership or subscriptions)
  • Installment: a series of transactions of fixed payments towards the single purchase of goods/services over a period of time
  • Credential on file: you have an existing profile with the merchant (e.g. Uber membership)
  • Scene+ rewards: the number of points your transaction is qualified for and if you are earning bonus rewards on your regular earn rate (accelerated earnings) at an accelerated earn rate, based on your credit card product eligibility
Last updated December 9, 2021