What can't be deposited to a brokerage account?

The following are some examples of what cannot be deposited into a brokerage account:

  • Cash
  • Personal 3rd-party cheques (i.e. cheques drawn by a person other than the beneficiarl account holder)
  • Cheques with missing signatures
  • Personal cheques not imprinted with your name
  • Money Orders not issued by a bank
  • Counter cheques
  • 4th party cheques (i.e. cheques previously endorsed by another party)
  • Foreign cheques or drafts payable in foreign funds (other than U.S.)
  • Foreign cheques and drafts drawn on a non U.S. institution
  • Traveler's cheques
  • Third party certificates
  • OTC BB certificates
  • Pink Sheet certificates
Last updated July 2, 2020