What's an overlimit fee?

You may be charged an overlimit fee on your credit card account if your outstanding balance exceeds your credit limit at any time in your statement period (even if you're not overlimit at the end of that period).

You're charged one overlimit fee per statement period. If your credit card account remains overlimit from a previous statement period on the first date of your next statement period, the fee will be charged again.

To help avoid this fee:

  • Sign up to receive Balance Alerts on your credit card account to help monitor and flag any activity on your credit card account(s). Balance alerts are email or app notifications you receive when your available credit falls below a specified amount. Learn how to get started with balance alerts here.

  • If you believe you need more credit (a higher credit limit) see if you're eligible for a credit limit increase from Scotiabank to help meet your current credit needs. Before you apply, learn about how this might impact your credit score on ScotiaAdvice+. Note that credit limit increases are subject to credit approval.

  • Consider making payments more frequently before your payment due date to help you remain under your credit limit throughout the statement period and at the beginning of each new statement period.

Note: Overlimit fees aren't charged on personal credit card accounts for Quebec residents.

Please review the Fees at a glance page on our website for current information about the overlimit fee.

Last updated March 26, 2024