What happens if I entered the wrong information when setting up automatic payments with AutoPay?

If the bank account details you’ve provided (from which you wanted payments to be made through AutoPay) are incorrect, the automatic payment will not be processed.

Please remember you are responsible for ensuring that you provide us with the correct bank account information (including accountholder name on the account) from which we will debit payments to your Scotiabank credit card account or line of credit account.

The name you provide to us on that bank account must match the name that appears on your Scotiabank credit card account or line of credit account or your payment (debit) will not be processed.

If you need to make changes to the information you have entered, you can edit your AutoPay settings in the app. Any changes made by 5 pm (ET) the business day before your upcoming payment due date will be applied to your current statement period. After setting up AutoPay or making any changes, we recommend that you check your Scotiabank credit card or Scotiabank line of credit statement to ensure that the payment has been processed to it as expected.

Fees may apply for any dishonoured payments and you may also incur interest charges for a past due payment. See your Disclosure Statement for more details.

Last updated March 10, 2021