What can I do if FlightDesk won't launch?

Installing Java FlightDesk requires Java to be installed on your device in order to launch. FlightDesk is only compatible with Java 10 or earlier Java versions, and will not function with Java 11. Users on Java 9 or 10 must disable auto update functionality to continue using FlightDesk. To install Java, please visit java.com and follow the prompts.

Pop-ups Once you have Java installed, please ensure that your browser is not blocking the pop-up window. Most browsers will alert you if a pop-up has been blocked by displaying a notification in the address bar or elsewhere on the page. Please “Accept” or “Allow” user-prompts that ask permission for pop-ups to open. Please note that you may need to refresh or reload the page.

Java Web Start Once you have allowed pop-ups, a file labelled “Launch_FlightDesk.jnlp” should be downloaded to your device. Please “Open” or “Run” this file.

Additional Troubleshooting If FlightDesk still does not launch, please try the following:

Windows • Ensure that the proper file association is set. In order for FlightDesk to launch, JNLP files must be associated with Java Web Start (javaws.exe). When Java is installed the association is typically automatically established. To manually associate the file type, please follow your operating system’s instructions. • Ensure that all out-of-date Java versions are uninstalled. You can do so using the Java uninstall tool (found here: https://www.java.com/en/download/uninstalltool.jsp).

Mac OS Mac OS’s Gatekeeper will have to be overridden in order to run FlightDesk. To override Gatekeeper and open the “Launch_FlightDesk.jnlp” file: Open finder and locate “Launch_FlightDesk.jnlp” in your download destination folder. While holding control on your keyboard, click on the “Launch_FlightDesk.jnlp” icon and select “Open” from the menu.

Last updated February 4, 2022