What are the administrative and service limitations in Practice Accounts?

Stock splits, consolidations, reorganizations, name changes and other corporate actions will not be reflected in a Practice Account. The impact of these actions can be simulated through manual adjustments by buying more or selling part of the position and editing the Average Cost price. Income earned from dividends and interest and interest charges incurred by borrowing on margin will not be reflected in Practice Account.

Practice Accounts are not reflected on monthly or quarterly statements. Trade confirmations, prospectuses and statements will not be provided for Practice Account transactions. Email notifications for Trade Status changes (e.g. order fill notifications), Documents, Stock Alerts and Transfers are not supported for Practice Accounts.

Practice Account balances will always be excluded from all total calculations on the Account Summary pages.

The following account features/services are not available for Practice Accounts:

  • transaction history
  • bill payments
  • fund transfers
  • dividend reinvestment
  • pre-authorized contributions
  • automatic investment plans
  • automatic-funds transfers
Last updated July 2, 2020