I want to switch my Scotia credit card to a new Scotia credit card. How does this impact my Scotia SelectPay Installment Plans?

If you have a Scotiabank credit card that is eligible for SelectPay and you switch to another Scotiabank credit card that is eligible for SelectPay, existing plans you have enrolled in or any plans that are pending enrollment (not yet processed) will be transferred to the new Scotiabank credit card account. You can continue to pay off your plans and/or cancel your installment plan.

It may take up to 30 days from the date you switch to the new eligible Scotiabank credit card account for you to be able to enroll for new SelectPay plans on your new card.

If you switch to a Scotiabank credit card that is not eligible for SelectPay, existing plans and any pending plans will be cancelled immediately. The remaining outstanding balance under any of those cancelled plan(s) will be re-applied to the balance owing on your existing eligible account and will appear on your final statement for that eligible account before we complete the switch for you.

The SelectPay feature is currently only available on select Scotiabank Visa credit cards. See What Scotiabank credit cards are eligible for Scotia SelectPay Installment Plans? for information on credit cards that are eligible for SelectPay.

Last updated August 19, 2021